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Place kick

Before the kick, the kicker should:
  • select a target between the posts
  • tee the ball upright on a kicking tee with the valve of the ball pointing towards the target
  • stand over the ball with their kicking foot placed close behind the ball and their non-kicking foot where it will be placed when they make contact with the ball
  • move back to a position that is comfortable
  • relax in preparation for approach
  • commence approach by running in an arc to open up the hips to generate maximum power
During the kick, the kicker should:
  • move their opposite arm forward to turn the shoulder side on to the target
  • place their non-kicking foot hip-width from the ball with the line of the instep of the foot (laces of the boot) in line with the target
  • keep their core strong, then cock their leg by flexing hip and knee
  • un-cock their leg by extending hip and knee
  • make contact with the bone on the top of the instep of the foot (laces of boot) and the ball (target should be 1/3 up from the bottom of the ball)
  • maintain their leg speed through contact
After the kick, the kicker should:
  • keep their head down and forwards
  • follow through with their kicking foot to finish towards target
  • be carried forward, by momentum, from their non-kicking foot to land on the same foot
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